Our AppStore Games


Start the game and start creating your amazing beautiful dimension with kawaii cubes and objects, reveal the will of your fantasy to embody any ideas and creative structures!


WORLD CRAFT HD.Prepare yourself for out of world experience: behold for the Vikings, Mighty Dragon, Pirates and Creatures choose your scenario and experience the new realms! 


Build your own base, mine, castle or whatever you imagine!  Dream Island Pocket Edition lets you skilled craftsman to create your perfect dreamland with unlimited sources. 


It’s a live pocket game that you can battle with real people that you can always carry on with you. Control your pixel hero character in a pixel designed pleasant world environments..


World Craft Battle Royale. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. earch for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies 


The best fighting game with marvellous pixel characters and beautiful scenery. You will win your way up to the biggest boss. Choose your character choose your opponent and get ready to have the best fight in mobile


Kawaii brings sandbox game in amusing kawaii colors to create your dream candy world. Bring your creative energy to a modern level of structures creation, collect creatures and utilize kawaii skins.


Are you ready to deactivate the rules of physics ın the environment where there are no roads and rules ! Put away the conventional games in this style that you are used to ! 


Each ball has own flexibility. Find your favorite ball and try to finish 350 levels. Maybe you can think of some levels as impossible. Maybe you must find hidden alternative way. 

Merge Ball

Only 1% of the players can pass the 25th level. It is time to use your skills to bounce the ball to bump the balls. It is going to be harder to merge balls.

Mini Royale

Mini R. İs the ultimate survival shooter game now available on mobile. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible


Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle royale game. Pick up other players and throw them off the area. Try to survive and be the last one standing. Join this addictive entertainment right now.

Drift X

Keep the engines running and get ready to endless entertainment in different race tracks. Astonishingly beautiful view will take your breath away with the fever of the game.

Bullet Party

You are in a huge battlefield against real enemies. Choose your team and keep your brigade up and steady. You can choose; your combat style, strategy and gun. When you feel ready to battle: pull the trigger and start the fight! 

Bit Runner

World’s most enjoyable and easy to play game! Bit Runner’s very enjoyable to jump barriers in the magical world. Dozens of barriers, different environments and over 50 special characters.


Are you ready for an amazing knife fight.Get as much as knife you can and beat the other players.Be the last one alive on the stage and win.

Step Hand !

Are you ready for a fun ! Try not to put your hands on the obstacles. Move forwards and collect all coins. Choose your favorite character and items.

Hollow !

Pull all the obstacles into the hole to save the car. Be careful about the cars and people moving towards the car.Eat up everything to expand your black hole.

Finger Walk

Are you ready to walk with your fingers.Make your finger walk on the platforms and try not to touch to the ground.Play it anywhere anytime.Enjoy!

Walk Master

This Unique a walk simulator. Addictive gameplay and missions. Can you handle these steps. Walk and pass each levels to the end of your journey. 

Our PlayStore Games


Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle royale game which has more than 10M downloads on other platforms.Pick up other players and throw them off the area. 

Fall Ball

One-tap easy-to-learn controls and new addictive game type.The goal is to make the ball fall down successfully.Wait for the right time for levels that may seem impossible. There is absolutely a deficit.

Hang Up

Do you trust on your reflexes ? Jump between obstacles and don’t bump into them. Try to pass each challenging levels. Hardest game ever but extremely addictive. Free to play. Play it anywhere anytime